Saturday, December 13, 2008


I made the first batch of fudge tonight to start off the Christmas baking. No secret recipe, just the simple one on the marshmellow creme from Aldi. I wonder how quickly this pan of fudge will disappear??

Last night was Russ' company Christmas party at the Westin. We chose the filet for dinner. They tried something different this year and hired some entertainment. It was an improv show by ComedySportz. The best part, it was clean entertainment! We left as the dancing was starting. I found James already asleep (I told him he could stay up until we got home) in our bed. He was snuggled up with his stuffed animals - too cute!

Rachel and I went to Aeropostale this morning to hunt for bargains. We found a cute sweater and cami. The sweater was 70% off, PLUS, I had an additional 10% off coupon. We then hit Penneys for some doorbuster sales on towels. I still had a $10 off anything coupon on top of the sale. I just love bargains! :)

Tomorrow is church and more grocery shopping. Seems like I'm at a grocery store every few days, as the food keeps disappearing. I still have a pile of Christmas cards to address and mail this week, too. The weatherman isn't sure if we'll have ice or snow tomorrow evening. The kids are anxious for a snow day, but I don't think a few inches of snow will hold off school, but they can hope!

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