Thursday, October 2, 2008


No, not the stock market crash. Someone hit my husband's van on Tuesday while it was parked on a side street. He car pools to work, and leaves his car in front of his co-worker's house during the day. Russ came home from work, and found the entire driver side sliding door panel pushed in. No note, no "gee, I'm sorry!", no nothing. Just the big dent with white paint. This is our older van that has 108K miles, and we want to see if it can get 200K. I made Russ file a police report, just in case they can track down the person who did this. We'll see what happens.

I managed to get some crafts listed on ebay this past Tuesday. I made some more snow angels with vintage quilt wings. Here's a peek:

They have ground up mica flakes sprinkled on them. Sometimes photos don't do them justice!
I've started stitching a Christmas pillow - one of my favorite patterns saying "Glory to God in the Highest" with a star, grapevine wreath, and berries. I'll have to see what's next.

I've been working in the lunchroom several days this week. My other side job has had work, too. But with Christmas shopping on my mind, I'll take the hours. (yep, I've started my Christmas shopping) Tomorrow is childcare for MOPS - I get the infant room! :)

Let's hope my Cubbies win tonight. When the Dodgers hit that grand slam last night, Ron Santo was speechless. He always announces with emotion, so speechless is NOT a good thing. We need the Big Z to pitch another great game tonight - how about a no hitter???

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