Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night I finished 3 vintage quilt stocking ornies. Here's one of them. The other had a crow peeking out of the top. I dropped them, plus a couple bins of other goodies at a craft fair for tomorrow. I'm working there in the afternoon, and can then see if I've sold anything. It's in a small barn/shed - just the right touch for primitives. If I sell a lot, I have til next Friday to make more. It's the second day of the fair.

After dropping off crafts, working on my marketing job, helping with the class party for James, it was time for trick or treating. The weather was perfect - about 68 and sunny!
James was Link (from the video game Zelda), the middle kid is our "5th child", and Andrew was some type of scary guy.
Matt didn't want to wear a costume. I forced him into wearing his old Harry Potter robe for trick or treating. If he didn't wear a costume, he might not get candy!Rachel is on the right, and her friend on the left. (Matt is on the front step hiding his face with his bucket) They had fun going out, then coming back for pizza. Then they asked for a sleepover. So, we're having the "5th child" and Rachel's friend over tonight. That makes a total of 6 kids sleeping here tonight. Luckily they are all sleeping downstairs where I can't hear them! :) At least I'm hoping I won't hear them.

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