Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fire station

Last night was an open house at the fire station. They had all the trucks out on display, a flight for life helicopter land and take off, and a real demo of a room on fire. For a Cub Scout requirement, James met his den there. Of course their den leader (Russ) had a meeting, so I had to go. The place was crowded, even for a school night. At least there were enough cookies to go around! :)

This morning, EARLY this morning, about 4am, I heard the mouse in the trap. I bought one of the plastic traps, which was a mistake. You can hear it trying to get out and scratching on the plastic. So, when I got up, I put the trap in a box (without touching the trap, of course). As I was going outside with it, the field mouse was going crazy, so I dropped the box. The door opened, and out ran the mouse as fast as he could run. At least he ran away from the house. I reset the trap under the sink to see if any more will be caught. Rachel told her science teacher that we had a mouse. She wanted us to bring it in for the snake to eat - EWWWW!

Tonight is the last of the presidential debates. I most likely won't watch it. Helping with homework, Rachel wants to go the the jr high group at church, and I need a trip to Sam's Club. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep tonight without being woken up by a mouse.

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