Monday, October 27, 2008

the "S" word

No, I'm not talking profanity, but the "s" word for something cold, white and falls from the sky. SNOW. Yep, we saw some snow flurries this afternoon - yuck. Last year we set an all time record for the total amount of snow in one winter in our county. I'm not looking forward to another
record setting winter.

Andrew was doing a homework assignment on liquid density. Here's is test tube of water, vegetable oil, and corn syrup. (we used blue food coloring in the water section) We hope it doesn't get too messed up on the bus ride to school tomorrow. The layers look so nice!
I'm doing a small craft fair on Saturday and next Friday. Just a few crafters getting together and selling out of someone's barn. We're sharing the selling time, and no entry fee! I don't have a ton of items, but I don't have to fill an entire space. I can then list leftovers on Ebay after the sale is done. :)

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