Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The LONG weekend

We had a long weekend, with the kids being off school on Friday and Monday. Even though it's no school, there are still homework projects to complete. Andrew had a cooking project for World Geography. He had to make a Latin American dish. He chose a Brazilian potato dish. Andrew is, let's say, not a cook. He can microwave frozen items and heat Spagettios. So, it was an interesting and long project. He peeled the potatoes, added ham, and baked it. It actually turned out well!

Rachel went to Great America for Fright Fest with at friend - gotta love free tickets! She didn't get home until 12:30 on Saturday. Sunday, Andrew and Matt went to bowling and laser tag with the jr. high group at church. Andrew can never miss an opportunity for laser tag.

On Monday, James and I went to Joann to purchase material for his Halloween costume. He wants to be Link, from the Zelda video game. We picked the WRONG day to go shopping. The store was crowded, and there was a LOOONG line just to get material cut. I should have timed the wait - I guess 30-45 minutes - just to get material cut. At least the line for check out moved a bit quicker. I was NOT a happy customer!

Monday afternoon and evening I wasn't a happy mom, either. I spent the entire time in the kitchen. Not baking or having fun crafting. I cleaned out every cabinet, washed every dish, and threw out any opened food, as we have a mouse. I've figured out it's getting in under the kitchen sink, as the poison packet moved overnight. I will be cleaning the cabinets many times over the next week. I've moved all the food/utensils until it's gone. EEEEK!

Rachel and James were outside playing in the leaves while I cleaned. Here's James and a neighbor:
Tonight it's the fire station open house for James for Cub Scouts, and jr. high group for the others. I'm glad it's only a four day school week!

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