Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hobby Lobby is expanding!

I just finished scheduling a couple candle mats and my last set of Frankenstein bowl fillers on Ebay. After a trip last night to Hobby Lobby, I was able to get started on some more goodies. I also found out that out Hob Lob is expanding! They are taking over part of the adjoining vacant store (where Dinorex use to be). I asked if they were adding anything different in the store, and they aren't. Just MORE of the items they sell. I hope they expand on some fabric they sell.
This is one of the candle mats that will be up for bid starting tonight. I'm NOT ready for snow, but it sure it cute!

These are the Frankenstein bowl fillers. They have a rusted screw glued into the neck and tufts of hair sewn on top.

STILL no more mice last night. I left a poison pack and trap in the back of the cabinet, just in case. I'm hoping I won't need it - ever. :)

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