Saturday, October 18, 2008

They're gone!!

After catching two mice this week, I think they are gone. We haven't seen any "activity" in the past couple nights, so Mickey and Minnie are gone. I'm now able to put back all the stuff in my dining room back into the cabinets. I now have a clear corner (but not a clear dining room table- that's for crafting).

We picked up the old van today from the body shop. We got the door fixed from the hit and run. We want to keep the van for many more years, so we went through insurance to get it fixed. We still have to pay the deductible, though.

I've been cutting out some more bowl fillers/ornies today. Some vintage quilt stockings and gingerbread men. I have a couple candle mats and the last of the Frankenstein bowl fillers to list on Ebay tomorrow. I have 2 different sets of snowmen in progress, but ran out of polyfil. Another trip to Walmart and Hobby Lobby (use my 40% coupon I found online) tonight - hopefully it won't be crowded.

I have some stew cooking for dinner, along with some onion cheese bread. Maybe I'll make some apple crispfor dessert.

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