Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday's Work

A Thursday with nothing to do. Still a day too early to take down the Christmas decorations, and payday isn't until tomorrow, so no money to spend. So, I pulled out a pattern that I bought a while ago, and started punching. I went with the directions on the pattern, and used 3 strands. I usually punch using 6 strands for a more prim look, but the outlining of this piece needed 3 strands.

It always looks like a mess without all the background punched in. The loops spread out, and distort the picture. But, the main parts are done, and time to start the background.

Once I started the ecru background, it began to take shape.

After spending most of the day working on it, I finished punching the piece! Now to decide how to finish the piece. I have an idea of a wool pouch to hang on a peg, but I'll have to see what colors of wool I have.

Speaking of wool, I'm debating whether to sign up for a rug hooking class. I've seen so many wonderful rugs, that I would like to try one. But, I know that will lead to needing more supplies ~ namely wool. Then, if I really like it, a cutter. Decisions, decisions.....

~*~ Laura ~*~


Gayle said...

It turned out really, really nice! I love her designs.

katie said...

That is really pretty. Love how the background changed the whole look.
I think you should try rug hooking, I think you would really like it.
Our local shop lets you use their cutter if you buy your wool there.

flutterbygone's said...

HOW LOVELY!!!!! Do share how you finish it! I bought a kit before Christmas but wasn't happy with what I was getting from it... :(

Linda said...

Go for it....rug hooking! You would be a natural. It is expensive but check out your area to see if there is a guild, somewhere to cut your wool like the shop suggestion or someone to share their cutter. The fact that there is a class to take means there must be other hookers nearby. Good luck!

Patty Sumner said...

WOW! That is beautiful.. It just seems impossible to have gotten that much done in a day....Blessings!