Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moving around

One little addition to the family room resulted in LOTS of moving around this past week. My husband got a bonus (first time EVER). He's always dreamed about having one of those flat screen LCD tv's. So, we had enough for that, a sale blue ray, and a new tv stand. It all fit nicely in the space from the old tv/entertainment center. Of course, the old entertainment center wouldn't fit the new tv, which is why we got a new stand.

We only had one tv, so the old one went upstairs, along with the entertainment center. There was a cable outlet already on the wall, where the previous owner had their tv. It's a corner entertainment center, but we put it against a flat wall (makes it easier to clean around). But, the china cabinet that was there needed to be moved.

The china cabinet is now where the piano was. The piano is where the antique secretary was. (I would like the get rid of the piano, as no one plays it. Rachel had taken lessons for a couple years, but isn't interested in playing anymore) The antique secretary is now downstairs in the hallway. Of course, now all the things on the wall will need to be moved around. But, I'll wait until all the Christmas decorations are down to see if this is where all the furniture will remain. Guess it will keep me busy during my week off!

Since the secretary is not centered on the wall (makes it easier to walk around the lower level hallway), I'll have to add some things to the wall to balance it off.

Here's a quick Christmas wrap-up:

James got a Star Wars Lego set. He spent a lot of time today putting it together, and he finished it.
Matt at my parent's house yesterday. The photo taken with a new video camera. It also takes photos. I'll still have to play around with it to figure out all the features.

Andrew with his Svengoolie t-shirt.

Rachel with her new purple bike. She'll want a car next, as she's eligible to take driver's ed this summer. But, she rides on bike paths, and all over town on her bike. At least she won't outgrow this one.

James, also, got a new bike. He's never had a new bike. All his other ones were hand me downs. He rode the one so much, that it's falling apart. This one had hand brakes (but one speed), so it will take some adjusting, especially down hills. It's suppose to get warmer later this week, but rain. But, just maybe he'll be able to test it out.

I have this week off, along with the kids. I just printed out a couple Valentine graphics to use as punch needle patterns. Yep, thinking ahead to the next holiday for Ebay sales. I also started a baby afghan with some left over yarn. Need to run and get some more yarn at Walmart. It was nice to take a few weeks off crafting, but my hand and itching do some more. :-)

~*~ Laura ~*~


Cheryl said...

Speaking of projects, did you see Kate's post on Liz's wall...the one about the hand-knit Weasley sweaters? Could be a project for all the Harry Potter fans! I'm thinking I may need to buy that book and learn how to knit :)

lisa said...

I was laughing pretty good about how a TV can make changes.. We were looking for a 42 inch big screen TV.. But we decided to come home and think about it. We sat on the couch and looked at the entertainment center filled with books...We would have to lug all the books down stairs because a 42 inch TV will not fit.. So we would have to take apart the Entertainment center, lug all the books down stairs and buy a new stand for the TV... We got tired thinking about it...So we are holding off..All my kids have big screen TVs and loves them..Enjoy enjoy it since you moved all the things for the new thing in your home..Lisa

Patty Sumner said...

Looks as if everyone was truly blessed this Christmas....I have already started taking down a few of my Christmas decorations. I sort of dread it.....I really enjoyed all the decorations this year. Blessings to you and yours1