Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*** December Snow ***

It's the first of December, and the forecast was for snow flurries. It was snowing more than just flurries this morning, so we got a coating of snow. I'm NOT ready for winter. But, I was ready to punch snowmen. This is the project that I'm currently working on. It all started with the hornbook. I had cut a different shape, but the jigsaw knicked the edge and cut it. I didn't want to throw it out, as the rest was still good. So, I made a couple more cuts to make a rectangular shape with a longer handle. I then took some paper and drew up this snowman to go on the hornbook.

While I was sketching, I drew some blushed cheeks, which I then transferred and punched. It's a blush color, so it's not really pink, and not really peach. It just adds a little something to his face.
Now to add some cording, and paint the wood. I'll go more traditional on this one ~maybe a barn red background, and tan cording to set it off.

I had to run to a different grocery store this week to get whole cloves for a school project. It was worth the drive, as the cloves were a fraction of the price of other stores. While I was there, I stopped into the Goodwill store and found this cute little basket. It easily holds the salt and pepper shakers on my counter. For a whopping 49 cents, I took it home. :-)

This has been a week of things breaking and being repaired. Our old van is getting some engine work. Our mechanic had some problems with the gaskets, but finally got them to seal. But then, it developed another problem which is being worked on. We're hoping to get it back tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Then, last night, our printer cartridge exploded. It had been leaking and leaving streaks all over the sides of paper, but new cartridges are expensive, which is why we didn't replace it. Got a new name brand toner cartridge now. But, I now need to get some Oxy Clean to get the stains out of the carpet. Sigh. Now to learn how to replace the cartridge in our new kitchen faucet. The manufacturer sent me a new one, as the water pressure is really low. I'm hoping this is the last of things breaking for a while. (I can only hope!)

I'm off to paint!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Anonymous said...

Oh your snowman is so cute.

What a bargain. I like red this time of the year.

OH NO!!! :(

Happy painting. :)

Linda said...

I have the exact same s&p shakers and grinder on my counter...I am going to look for a basket!! Love your punched snowman and the rosy cheeks!

Caths Pennies Designs said...

Such a darling punched snowman! And you cut the wood yourself to make the hornbook? I'm scared of power tools! But I love the look of that hornbook!


Rosie said...

Your snowman is wonderful!