Saturday, December 4, 2010

* Snowman finish*

I just finished the snowman! It's my first original design!

It took a few extra coats of paint to get the color right on the hornbook. It was too dark, so I put more barn red paint on, sanded it ,and a light coating of gel stain. Just a hint of mustard paint shows through. I lightly aged the punch needle piece with walnut ink, but didn't use it on the snowman. The snowman already has light color variations, and I didn't want that altered. Sometime the walnut ink will make those variations disappear. It did mute the oatmeal and blue sky colors, though. A simple string of vintage buttons completes the top.

And, yes, I cut my own wood. It's a scary thought. Me and power tools. I bought my own jigsaw and learned how to use it. I'm not great at cutting, but I'm learning. But, the great thing about primitives is that it's not suppose to be perfect! If it's lopsided ~ it's even better! :-)

I'm going to put it on Ebay Sunday night, unless anyone sends an email wanting to buy it. Let's say $45, and free shipping in the US.

We had our first measurable snow today! *** We got about 3 inches or so. It's going to be cold, so it's going to stick around. Makes me want to get some Christmas shopping done (I haven't even started yet!!). I have some lists done, and just need to go. As the kids get older, it's easier to just give the green stuff (cash). But, I have to get a few other goodies, too! I know I have the entire week before Christmas to get stuff done. Some years I'm done shopping before Thanksgiving, but this isn't one of those years.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Linda said...

Really nice....good job!!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Looks great and love the red finish!

Michele said...

Snow pictures, please!!!! =0)