Monday, December 20, 2010

Chrismas play

My youngest, James, is full of surprises. He volunteered for a part in the Sunday School Christmas play. I didn't know this until I received a letter saying he had the part of Joseph! James hasn't done any plays/acting before, so it really surprised me that he wanted to do this. The play was just for the 4-5th graders, and parents. The parts didn't need to be memorized, but the kids needed to be familiar with their parts. The play wasn't rehearsed, but the kids did a wonderful job.
Since our school has cut many extra curricular activities, a school play isn't an option. None of his brothers or sister enjoys acting. But, maybe James would? I'm just glad that he enjoyed it, and wasn't scared. (they put the words on a powerpoint slide on the back wall to help the kids read their lines)

I haven't done any crafting. I'll be working on Christmas gifts, wrapping, and re-doing the house. Re-doing the house, as we just got a new tv tonight. The new tv doesn't fit into the old entertainment center. It's a nice Habersham Plantation corner unit that we purchased 19 years ago for our old house. Don't want to toss it out. So, have to move it upstairs to the living room. Which means moving a china cabinet, piano, and antique secretary. Now everything on the walls isn't in the right spots, so all that will have to be moved. All for one new tv. It will keep me busy trying to figure out where to place everything. I'll try to get some photos later ~ you don't want to see photos of boxes, and stacks of stuff looking for a new place to call home. :-)

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Aren't those plays the best! I always enjoy watching children in school and church plays. Your lil' "Joseph" looks great glad he enjoyed the part!