Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The windy city

Although the windy city got it's name from the long winded politicians, it sure was windy weather-wise yesterday! Strong gusts of wind were knocking down trees and power lines. Our neighbor's basketball hoop was blown down with the wind. I'll have to go outside and rake and pick up some small branches, but we had no major damage.

This past weekend, my youngest, James, went to a Cub Scout campout on a submarine. It's on the Manitowac River in Wisconsin. Yes, they brought their sleeping bags, and slept overnight on the sub.
Here's a view from the periscope they were playing with. He had a great time, but came home really tired. Andrew had a Boy Scout campout this past weekend. They made teepees, and were all set to sleep in them~ until a lightening storm hit. Since it was close to home, they sent everyone home, as there weren't any safe shelters. But, we had to go back and take down camp on Sunday morning. Matt went to NIU on Saturday to march in their half time show. It was high school day, and several schools were invited to join the NIU marching band. Rachel ran errands with me while the boys were away on Saturday.

It was the last regular season home game on Friday. Our first playoff game is this weekend, but it's an away game. So, there still might be another game to march in if they win this weekend.

I still need to start the turkey punch needle. It's sitting in my dining room, all set in it's hoop. I just need to motivation to get going. Since my Bible study was canceled this morning (no power at church), I have a little extra time. Do I punch, or go outside and pick up??

~*~ Laura ~*~


Cheryl said...

I remember going to NIU with the high school band when I was in Falcettes. Will they be marching in any parades? The Lake Zurich band sometimes marches in the big Thanksgiving Day parade in Chicago.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

How fun to be on a submarine... sounds like your boys have been busy.
Sorry to hear about the wind damage and the cleanup. Hope you get to start your turkey soon.