Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend. James had no school on Friday, which meant that I also got the day off (I'm a lunch mom at school). He and I went to the store and wrote out his Christmas list. We then went out to lunch ~ just the two of us. I worked a little on cutting more ornies ~ I just need to do the sewing part now.

Today, I quickly took Matt to a local conservation area to snap a few photos. It's SO nice outside ~ almost hot at 86 degrees. The trees are really bright and colorful. Lots and lots of yellow leaves. We even saw a couple hot air ballonos as we were leaving. I wouldn't want a ride in one, but I imagine the view from above is breathtaking at this time of year!

Lots of beetles flying around. These guys were on some type of large seed pod in the field. Kinda a cool photo.

I'm not motivated to work with wool since it's so hot outside. But, I need to finish an order, and then make extra to list on Ebay.

Have a great weekend!
~*~ Laura ~*~

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