Monday, October 11, 2010

My Sunday afternoon

It was another warm day on on Sunday ~ perfect for a walk. We have lots of small conservation areas within a short drive. I haven't explored all of them yet, so I set off for one that I had never been to. The path was just mowed grass, plus a wood walkway over the marsh area.

Went past a marshy pond, and then into the prairie with a few pretty trees.

Different birdhouses to attract birds. I'm not sure who lives in this one, but it makes for a nice photo.
I finished up a set of 16 ornies yesterday and today. The spray glue is now drying, and they are ready to be packaged. :-) Then to decide the next project....

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Michele said...

Pretty! Next time I visit (and I am planning on coming again!!!) I want to go there!