Sunday, October 3, 2010


I was able to complete another two ornies tonight. Between church, and then a Boy Scout event this afternoon, it doesn't leave much time for completing tons of needlework. The scout event was a court of honor/picnic. It sure was cold outside today! Only in the 50's for a high. There's even a frost warning tonight.

I made a gingerbread ornie from the same pattern as the Santa and snowman (pattern from Little Stitches). I wanted to test out some photo tips from a library book. So, this first photo I took I used the automatic setting on my camera. It washes out the pale yellow bowl the gingerbread man is in.

I then changed the setting to portrait, and the light setting to florescent/no flash. It did photograph darker, but it still looks like the flash didn't go off.

I now changed the setting to aperture priority (Av) on my camera. I changed the f stop to 8.0. It really seemed to capture the correct color/brightness. I'm going to have to use this when photographing crafts for Ebay. I have never experimented with the Av or Tv settings on the camera. I'll have to do some more experimenting, as the photo turned out better than on the automatic settings. Now that I"m strictly selling crafts online (and not craft fairs), photos are what help sell the item. Now if I can show the texture of these in a photo..... (gotta love wool!)


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