Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Ebay listings

I finally got a few photos and listed 2 sets of ornies on Ebay tonight. I didn't want to dig in our storage room for the mini tree, so I grabbed the first Christmas greenery that I saw, which was a big wreath. I headed to our deck to utilize what daylight I could for photos. Now to figure out why the photos on Ebay aren't showing the borders that I put on photobucket. ???

I spent this morning steam cleaning the carpet in the family room. It's an ugly brown, but as long as it's clean I can live with it. What's amazing is that I'm able to SEE the carpet. I spent all Saturday afternoon picking up Legos on half of the family room. Those little pieces tend to take over whatever area that James is in. Then the Legos get mixed with the army guys and have quite a battle, though the battles never seem to get cleaned up!

The other half of the family room, just to show the other half of the room. Maybe one year we'll get new carpet, but we'll have to play the Lotto. I also look at the tv, one of the old "regular" tv's. All the new ones are nice, LED, and flat screen. But, we have a corner entertainment center (I know it's not in a corner, but it was in our old house) that will only hold a very small flat screen. So, that would mean a new table. It's always one project leads to another. :-)

Our house was "boo"ed this week. Once it's dark, you ring a neighbor's doorbell, leave the bag of candy, and don't get caught. Some years, the note is to post a copy of a ghost on your door, so that you don't get "boo"ed twice. Now to get some candy so the kids can do a few houses before Halloween. I'm kinda glad this one we didn't have to post a copy on our door, as we might get more treats on our doorstep (hopefully chocolate!).

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful ornies! Now about those legos and army guys they have invaded my house as well. I have to round them all up and corral them back to their corner but they keep sneaking out :)