Friday, October 29, 2010

A Teriffic Turkey!

Well, I just had to keep punching yesterday until I finished it. I just LOVE how the colors blended on this one. The background is a mixture of dark brown and a putty/dark grey/brown/tan. I used 3 strands of each blended together to punch 6 strands. It gives it the overdyed look, and gives it depth.

I now need to cut some wood to finish the piece. That will be a project for tomorrow ~ along with dentist appointments for all of us.

I have yet another pattern that I've had stashed away since spring. I'll have to see what colors I already have and make a list of what I need. This mitten isn't too Christmasy, so it can stay up all winter. (not that I want to think about winter right now, but I know it's coming)

I made it through lunch at school today. I wonder why it was so loud and the kids all wound up? Not that class parties and Halloween coming this weekend had anything to do with it! :-)

Have a good weekend!
~*~ Laura ~*~


Cheryl said...

I had another day of parent-teacher conferences, so no lunchroom duty, no noise, and no wound-up kids! I even had a REAL lunch break (not just 15 minutes) and got to sit down and eat with another adult. Monday could be a tough day, though...little kids tired after trick-or-treating Sunday evening and then crashing from their sugar highs.

I remember being at the lunchroom at my kids' elementary school and seeing a kid whose lunchbox was filled with candy. She was allowed to pack her own lunches and that's all she brought--candy.

Prim In The Country said...

Your Teriffic Turkey looks amazing! I can't wait to see the pictures of your mtten when it's finished. Doesn't it seem like winter is getting here really quick this year?