Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.....

I finished painting the kitchen, and put things back on the walls. I'm really glad that I had the guts to change the cabinet color to something a little more drastic. It's not too red, not too cranberry. It blends well with the living room, which was what I wanted.

Our kitchen is small, but it easily holds a small farm table with 4 chairs. We use it when there aren't 6 of us for dinner. It also comes in handy for homework. All the newer houses have open floor plans, but since ours is a 1970's style, it has separate rooms. The kids like having not to look at each other while doing homework. Not that I want to think about homework quite yet. We still have a few more weeks until school starts.

This back corner needs something. There's just enough room for some type of corner cabinet. Nothing big, as we need space to walk around. A little more storage space would sure come in handy. We don't have a pantry, and with 6 of us here ( 3 teens) we sure go through a lot of food. I'll have to keep my eyes open at the local thrift stores for something that I could make over.

Now to the next decision. The walls look so plain. I had previously stenciled a border to add color, and want to stencil again. I took out a few border stencils and tested a few out. The one on the right is Bachelor Buttons.

The one on the left is a historic dogwood pattern. I'm really leaning toward the dogwood one. It just seems to blend. I had used this stencil only once before, in our old house about 12 years ago. Rachel's room had this one with a green vine, and multi colored flowers to coordinate with her quilt. The stencil package shows it with blue vines and barn red flowers~ I think I like that combination for here.

I'll officially decide tomorrow ~ and hopefully start the stenciling. I'll post pictures when I finish!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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