Monday, August 16, 2010

Copper before and after

James wanted me to title this one "before and after". I've worked on the copper top a little each day this week. I tried every cleaner, and it still didn't get it to what I was hoping. I tried Flitz, lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, and TarnX. I even took some sand paper to see what would happen. I got it smoother, but still marked and stained.

I started thinking of how to add a copper layer to the top. I know Hobby Lobby sells a thin copper sheet, but trying to get that glued down exactly would be difficult. Plus, I'm not sure that the thin copper would hold up. It was also about $25, so I skipped that idea.

I then Googled copper spray (wouldn't it be neat if metal could be sprayed?), and found they make a copper spray paint. That started me thinking that would be an easy, inexpensive fix.

I had to unload all the stuff I put in there this week. (I started super couponing, so I stock up on items on sale). I then went to Menards to browse spray paint.

This is what I came home with ~ a can of hammered copper spray paint. It was a gorgeous day outside, so I had the boys carry down the dry sink to the garage. It took about 4 coats of paint, but it covered all the scratches and stains! Since it's metal underneath, it still has the metal sound. I can now decide on how I"m going to finish the wood on it. Do I paint it or use a black stain over the existing stain? I can't do anything until the copper paint dries thoroughly so that I can tape the edges. It's fun seeing what was a $9.99 piece of furniture at Goodwill can be transformed into. I'm hoping the paint will get the musty smell out of it. :-)

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