Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally Finished!

I've finally finished 3 projects this week. This is a punch needle that's mounted on a vintage grater. I used some overdyed floss on it. I then added some cross stitch with a wool background, and a string of buttons. I'm planning on listing this one one Ebay later tonight (unless someone sends an offer before then!), along with another white baby afghan that I've finished.

I also finished a larger size of this rabbit penny rug. I really liked the larger size, as it allows me to blanket stitch all the pieces. The original pattern only measured 7 1/2" across, which is great for small areas. But, the pieces were too small to blanket stitch, with the stitches overtaking the entire piece. I know this photo was a quick snapshot, but it has a black background, then a border with green underneath. The backing is a black and green cotton quilt shop fabric. I think I'll have to make myself one of these! But, this one will be listed on Ebay later tonight.

A couple days ago, we had a dusting of snow overnight. I found these footprints on the driveway. I followed them, and they led to the shed in the back. These are no bunny or raccoon footprints! Proof of the foxes - yipee!

I keep trying to see them come out from under the shed, but no luck so far. Maybe if the snow ever melts and it gets warmer, we'll be able to catch a glimpse of them.

I'm off to the Blue and Gold banquet for Cub Scouts this afternoon. It's the big awards banquet for James. He has only one year left until he becomes a Boy Scout - where does time go? Then after the banquet, it might be fun to watch the end of the US vs. Canada hockey game. Go USA!

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