Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got Wool?

I scored again at this one local thrift store yesterday! I found a nice pair of grey wool pants, a plaid suit. I really didn't want the blazer, but wanted the skirt. But, the entire set was a whopping 50 cents, so I took it. The woman who was bagging the items comments on how she wanted the suit, but it didn't fit her quite right. She asked if I tried it on, and I simply said, "no." I wasn't going to say that it didn't matter, as I was planning on cutting it up! No, I learned my lesson on that one. So, I paid my 50 cents for the pants, and 50 cents for the suit and kept quiet. I also found a *wonderful* piece of wool yardage!!! It's a greenish/black, but has lots of different flecks of color in it. The tag said it was fine wool and 3 3/4 yrs of it for $4.50. I grabbed it and ran. Now to figure out how to overdye wool that isn't white. I know it's easier to dye it darker, but is there a way to lighten it and dye it a light color? But for now, I'm collecting the wool to play with.

We've been looking out our back patio doors at the shed behind us. (the shed belongs to our neighbors) The dirt has been moving. Something is digging under the shed, and making more room under there. So, what is it this time? We've had foxes 2 years ago (which was cool!), then the raccoons moved in. But, we haven't seen the raccoons in a while, and no footprints in the snow until last week. This is the footprints that were leading to the shed. Sure looks like fox prints! The wood on the neighbor's wood pile has moved - maybe from foxes trying to catch the field mice. Our other neighbor found a dead mouse in her backyard a couple days ago. All signs of foxes - at least I'm hoping!

I've been busy watching the Olympics for the past week and a half. At least I can crochet while I'm watching. I'll be finishing another baby afghan tonight. Just the last section of the border to finish. At least it gets my mind off all the school stuff around here. The district is financially strapped, so they are cutting art, music and gym. School hrs will be reduced next year, but I'm still waiting to see by how much. Class sizes will increase, which isn't good for one of my kids. It's been eye opening to see how the entire school systems works. If we can make it through this year, then I can possibly look for another job next year.

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