Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Next Project

This is my next project that I'm currently working on. I used a rug hooking pattern, and reduced it for a punch needle project. I'm still experimenting punching using the over dyed floss. The green on the grass and trees is over dyed, as well as the roof. The background is the brown floss over dyed black. It has more patches of brown that I originally thought, but it still looks nice. I can always try dying the floss with more black, and only leave a small section of brown to get more of a black color. It's not a very large piece, and it will go on the vintage grater. Now that I officially have glasses, I'll be able to see what I'm punching!

This past weekend, James went to Eagle Cave with the Cub Scouts. They spent the night sleeping in the cave. It's the same temperature all year round, so it didn't matter that there was snow on the ground. He got dirty, really dirty, crawling around and exploring all the tunnels.

I got the fun job of doing the laundry when he came home. He can't wait to go back again.

It's snowing today. We suppose to get 6-12 inches, but we'll see how much we actually get. It's just a light steady snow of small flakes. I'll stay home and work on some more projects.

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