Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's Shakin'?

The ground was shaking - literally - last night. There was an earthquake here in NW IL at 4am. It's been downgraded to a 3.8 on the Richter Scale. Sadly, I slept through it. It must have stirred my sleep, as I tossed around until 5am when I looked at the clock. Only here in the midwest would someone be bummed about missing a minor earthquake! The epicenter was about 15 miles southwest of here on an unknown fault line. At least it gave us something to talk about other than the snow.
I spent the morning snow blowing the driveway. We had driven over it several times, so it took the sun to dry up part of it. A few more inches is predicted for this weekend, but it's not what the northeast got hit with.

For my friend on Facebook, here's my glasses.They are rimless on the bottom, with a metal top. The sides are a brown, with leopard print on the inside. They are even a designer brand - Guess. I'm still getting use to them, and finding the focal points. But, I can see when I'm punching now.
I'm still putting the finishing touches on this project. I thought the kitty was kinda boring, so I added some whiskers to him. I simply took some pearl cotton and ran the thread from the top to bottom to top. The ends are loose, so it really adds some texture to the piece. (plus, it makes it look more like a kitty!)

Tonight was 8th grade night at the high school. They have all the students & parents come to sign up for classes, get tours, and see what activities there are. The hs had lots of tables for clubs set up, and the hs students trying to get the future freshmen involved. I don't remember anything like that when I went to school. It's nice to see a high level of involvement, and a great plan for transition from jr high to high school.

Now to wait to see if we get an aftershock in the next day or two! :)

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