Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sneak peek....

Here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on! I started a punch needle project this weekend, and have been slowly changing it as I punch along. I usually don't change much, except for an occasional color. This one is different. The original design (by Primitive Betty's) had a semi circle for the top. I was going to do some type of penny rug design for the edging, but didn't like it as I was working. So, I ripped it out and drew some scallops instead. I've also changed the background color about 3 times, until I found one that I liked. Then that lead to changing the bell color to make it show up better. I still need to finish the background, and add some more black for the edging. I like the results more than what I originally had. I might even write down the colors that I used, just in case I want to do another one sometime. (I usually don't write anything down, since I don't repeat many punch projects) Since I have a stack of black wool, this will be turned into a cupboard hanger.

I still need to get to the quilt shop and get some cream wool for the penny rug. Rachel has been sick for the past couple days, so I haven't done as much running around. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll be able to get to the store since she's finally feeling better.

It got up to 36 degrees today ~ heat wave! I manage to get the van washed since it was ladies day (we get a discount). No more snow in the forecast, so maybe it will stay clean for a while.


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