Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Score at the Store!

Before I show off my score at the store, I thought I would share the over dyed floss punch needle. I finished punching it, but still need to finish some woodwork to go along with it. The background is the very light blue floss that was over dyed with tan. The green grass was also over dyed with tan. It really gives it a subtle depth. I still ned to get some brown floss and black dye to try that. But I first need to finish this project before I start another.
This past Saturday was the pinewood derby for Cub Scouts. James didn't win, but he liked his jeep car. He even had a green army guy glued to the top. Next year is his last attempt at winning before he moves into Boy Scouts.

Now for my score at the thrift store! I went on Monday just to browse at wool. I went to one shop, found some nice blazers, but wanted to still look at another store. I guess I wasn't ready to pay the $8 for a blazer. So, off I drove to the next store. I found a wonderful plaid pair of wool pants (below on the left). They were only $2.99, so I bought them. Then I saw the sign that yellow tag items were only $1, so back I went to look for more! I found a gorgeous red blazer and a tan skirt - for only $1 each. They are cut up and ready for washing/felting.

On Tuesday, I went back to that same thrift store to search for more $1 items. I found a black skirt, grey skirt, and black and white pants. I'm wondering how the one on the right will over dye. I need to search for a chart of color combinations of fabric and dye.

I also found a couple mens blazers in a wonderful herringbone and plaid. I REALLY love the brown plaid, and think that will be my next project. That blazer didn't have as much iron on interfacing, so I got more fabric cut from that piece of clothing. That day was clothing for $1 a bag. They still charged me $1 per item, as the one lady didn't like the fact that I was going to cut it up! Oh well, that thrift store helps handicapped people, so it's all going to charity. And it's still a bargain for me.

I'm off to wash and felt my wool!

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