Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The penny rug is done!

I just finished stitching this adorable penny rug! (pattern from Cath's Pennies Designs) Once I got blanket stitching on the border, the stitching became automatic. I used some chalk to mark where to stitch the snowflakes, but the chalk kept rubbing off. I don't know what else I can use on a black wool background. I also tried a dressmaker pencil, but that didn't work too well, either. I like working with the water soluble marker for stitching on muslin, but black wool is different. Other than marking the stitching, it was pretty easy to finish. I used some black cotton print for the backing. I could have used wool, but I like printed fabric - must be my love for quilts! I'm going to list this one on Ebay tonight, and then start another identical one for me. I purchased enough wool to make a few. Now to look for more patterns! ( I will admit that I cannot draw) Something that doesn't require a ton of different scraps of wool. (I need to slowly add to the stash) I do like working with real wool, and not wool felt. I compared them, and found the wool to be a nicer finish. Yes, it's more expensive, but I like the results - it feels expensive and more durable. I think I'll sew more penny rugs, since I enjoyed making this one. I can make them in any size (I like working with small projects), and any design (primitive, traditional, colonial, etc). It's always fun learning new crafts. Next up is overdying my own floss. I just bought a bottle of Rit dye. Maybe in the next week I'll give that a try!