Sunday, January 17, 2010

Punch needle and penny rugs

I finished the sheep punch needle today. I used some black wool for the backing and the hanger. The edge I used some bamboo yarn instead of a floss cord. The bamboo yarn I found at Hobby Lobby, and it's really soft and textured. At first it reminded me of some the eyelash yarn, but this was a bit sturdier. It makes for a different edging. I'll have to get this listed on Ebay later tonight.

I made it to the local quilt shop yesterday. They have some wool (and some really nice quilt fabric). I started a penny rug. I used freezer paper to cut the pieces. I hadn't used freezer paper before, but it was VERY easy to do. I reminded me of using Heat N Bond. But, the freezer paper is a lot cheaper than using Heat N Bond. I used some pins to hold the pieces in place, and a few dabs of a glue stick to help with the smaller pieces. I tried a new technique of blanket stitching. It took a while for it to become automatic. I did the snowmen bodies and arms, and I had to stop and think with each stitch. Then I did the scarfs, and it seemed to "click" and go quicker. I'm so used to stitching with a hoop, and doing this without a hoop seems awkward. I'll have to finish the stitching, then add the ecru border.

At least this wool applique project is turning out. I tried using a quilt piece to make a necklace. I put the quilt in a silver bezel, and added DG3 gel. I had to add several layers of the gel, as it seemed to shrink when drying. It just didn't turn out how I expected. It's still sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting to see what I'm going to do with it.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are days off school. Seems like the kids are off school more than they are in school. I think I'll take the time and work on more penny rugs!

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