Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A tour of my house

Welcome to my house! It's not all prim, and it's not one of those that looks like a magazine, but it's a work in progress. I browse through so many blogs that have amazing homes that are prim perfect. I finally realized that many of these women don't have bunches of kids at home any longer ~ so that makes me feel better. I happen to have 4 kids at home, so a house HAS to be livable (and many times messy!). This is the front of our house. Yep, old gold 1970's siding. At least the sun has faded it so much, than it's now more of a tan/gold. I keep digging up the landscaping in front, as all the bushes die. I"m hoping the new things I put in this summer will survive. I do love the burning bushes! Every year they turn flaming red in the fall.

I didn't do much fall decorating outside. Last year, I missed the last yard waste pick up, and a hay bale sat all winter out in the snow. I won't do that again this year. Then, the pumpkins are food for our neighborhood squirrels. They already attached the corn stalks around the lamp post. Then they started eating the pumpkins! I'm waiting to see how long it will take them to eat their way through to the inside.

Take the sidewalk to the back of the house, and this is what you see. We have a large cement patio, which we never use, except for grilling. We use the screened in deck, which is just off the dining room/living room. All our backyards open to each other. I get to enjoy the neighbor's perennial gardens - without any of the work! (but they can enjoy mine, too)

I planted one tree in the backyard a couple years ago. It was a small stick, no taller than 5 feet. It has taken, and is growing. Things don't grow in our area, as the dirt is clay, and is filled with rocks. So, I am happy that the one tree is growing.

Our foyer leads either upstairs or downstairs.

I have a couple peg racks to hold coats in the foyer. I had stenciled some vine and berry borders around the edges of doors and floors. It's getting pretty marked up from use and needs painting, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet. Do I paint the door leading to the garage and the front inside doors a tan/beige, while the rest of the walls are off white? (I'm thinking of doing the same for the LR/DR) I need to make or buy some type of new curtain for the foyer patio doors. It's a small slider door (that never gets used). I made a simple "temporary" muslin valance, but that's now 10 years old! I guess it's time to replace that. :)

I'll slowly get the rest of the house into other posts. Thanks for taking a look! I always welcome any suggestions/ideas.

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