Monday, October 19, 2009

A Fall Weekend

It finally stopped raining this weekend, so we got to enjoy some cool weather. It made me start another punch project of this kitty with falling leaves.

I'm also in the finishing phase of this Santa punch needle. I haven't attached it to the hornbook yet. I'm not really sure I like it on a barn red board or not. I"ll look at it for a few days before deciding what to do with it.

James was busy building a Lego tower. He wanted to see how tall he could build it!

Yesterday was the rocket launch for Cub Scouts. The pack gives each Scout 2 engines, but we purchased extra so he could blast a few more off the launcher! The photo above shows a black hawk fighter rocket that he received for his birthday this summer from Aunt Cheryl. It didn't go as high as expected, but all the boys were drooling over this rocket! Maybe a larger engine for next year??

Here he is with one of the smaller rockets. Andrew came to help with the launch, then went to the skate park up the hill.

It's back to school today. At least it's going to be a bit warmer and drier for the next couple days. I'll have to get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

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