Sunday, October 25, 2009

A couple finishes this week

I managed to finish a couple punch needle items this week. The first is an old fashioned Santa. On this one, I combined 2 different shades of gold/tan to create a tweed background. I finished it by attaching it to a hornbook. I wasn't sure of how I liked it earlier in the week. So, I sanded the wood, re-painted, sanded, and stained it with a walnut gel stain. Once I got the finish to be very aged, I sealed it with some clear matte acrylic sealer. I like how this turned out this time. The great thing about prim - you can always re-do it! :)

The second finish is a design by Primitive Betty's ~ just perfect for fall. I didn't punch a border on this one, but finished the edging with some black homemade cording that I sewed on. The entire piece was aged to give it a distressed feel. I attached this piece to another hornbook. I sawed, sanded and painted the wood in a maple syrup color. Then aged it with some walnut gel stain. There's not a lot of contrast between the paint and stain, but the overall effect is one of aged paint - the color of the fallen leaves. The paint picks up some of the color of leaves for a very rustic autumn finish. I'll get this one listed on Ebay this evening. This should be my last fall item, as I need to get going on Christmas!

The Santa is going to Michele at A Houseful of Boys. She won my craziest relative contest! OK, there was no contest, but I had to think of a reason to send it. I had won a giveaway of one of her hand stamped necklaces that she sells, so I'm turning her giveaway into a swap. After all, she's my favorite cousin! I'll have to get some boxes this week and send it on it's way.

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