Friday, October 9, 2009

Primitive Stitchery Candle Mats

This is one of the candle mats that's currently listed on Ebay. I have 5 mats this week, and all end on Sunday evening. If you win more than one, I always combine shipping. I can usually ship 2 for the price of one.

I'm currently working on another Santa punch needle. I need to finish the beard, then the finishing. I'm not sure if I should make a pillow, or mount it on a hornbook. I really enjoyed making the last one on a hornbook, so I"m leaning toward that option. It's another chance for me to practice my new jigsaw skills!

The kids had the day off of school for a teacher institute day. They also have Monday off for Columbus Day. Makes for a nice, long weekend. Andrew will spend a lot of his weekend catching up on homework, since he had the flu this week. He missed Tuesday - Thursday at school. Thankfully, no one else caught it from him. Today I took Rachel and 2 of her friends for a mini bday party (ok a month late). We went out for pizza, then I took them for manicures. She didn't pick any pretty pink polish, but opted for some navy. Go figure.

Now that it's stopped raining, it's time for a walk outside. The weatherman said we might see some snow flurries on Sunday. I"m not ready for that.