Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work in progress ~ some cross stitch

I started some cross stitch for something different this week. I found a cute Christmas pattern from Primitive Betty's to stitch up. I finished aging it, now need to iron and turn it into a pillow. I'm thinking some rough edges to finish it.

I had checked out a craft book from the library, and found some patterns. I thought it would be quicker to stitch, but it took a bit longer than planned. I'm going to make a set of 3 bowl fillers for Christmas. I'm really liking the way these are turning out. I want to finish these by Sunday, so I can list them on Ebay.

Rachel came home today, after a camping trip for 2 nights with the youth group. They came home a couple hours early, since they woke up to rain - and tons of mud. We didn't get any rain here until dinner time. A storm blew just north of here. The tornado sirens went off a few towns over, but we missed anything big ~ just a few raindrops and VERY dark skies.

I'm hoping to win the necklace giveaway on my cousin, Michele's blog (a Houseful of Boys). You have until midnight to enter (but I think that's Pacific time). She HAS to pick me, as she's my ~*~ favorite ~*~ cousin! I'll find out tomorrow if I won!

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