Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been so unmotivated that I haven't finished any crafts. I did start several candle mats, but need to finish one more large stitchery mat, then do the finishing and backings. I'm hoping to get them done before vacation, so I can list them as soon as I get back.

Instead of crafting, I've been sorting and cleaning out. I made yet another trip to Goodwill last week to drop off stuff. I even sorted my crafting materials!

Andrew and Matt came home from Scout camp on Saturday. They were so tired, all they did was sleep for the past several days. The weather there was cold - only a high in the 60's for a few days. At least it warmed up a little for the last part of the week.

On Sunday, there was a Nascar display at the local grocery store. James went to have his photo taken. He loves playing his Nascar Wii game.
I need to start making a list of items to bring for vacation. At least we don't need to bring much clothing, as the cabin has a washer and dryer. We have our cameras set. I got a couple SD cards for Matt and Rachel. I got a roll of film for James. He wants to take photos, and we still have an old click and shoot 35mm camera that would be great for kids. I don't know if it's any better than one of those disposable cameras, but hopefully he'll get some good photos.

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