Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More vacation photos

We hiked to Adams Falls, which was on the far side of Grand Lake. It was a gorgeous hike. The falls were larger than I expected. This was Matt's favorite part of the trip ~ he likes waterfalls.

Beyond the falls is a meadow.

We went miniature golfing in town.

We stopped at the beach ~ the water is COLD! But it did have some sand to play in.
Took a hike and saw a deer.
This was the meadow past Adams Falls at sunset. We knew we would see some wildlife at dusk and we were right!

On the far side of the meadow was a bull moose!!! Just what we wanted to see. He saw us, so we didn't go any further. My camera is zoomed in all the way, so it's a little shaky. This might be the moose that ran some hikers up a tree and held them there for a half hour earlier in the week.

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