Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work in progress

I still need to complete my penny rug - just need some more time. The felt is a wool blend, and it's easy to work with . The thread that came with the kit is a DMC pearl cotton size 5. I'm wondering how it would look with size 8, especially around the smaller pieces on the bird and stem. The directions on the kit have the main square edges turned under and whip stitched to the back. Once I finish the edge pieces, I'm thinking of button hole stitching the front and back for added interest. Then to decide on the next project and order some wool felt! :)

This is the shelf I purchased at the thrift store. It fits over the entire doorway, and had plenty of pegs to hang things. I got some black spray paint and will finish it this week or weekend.

Here's where the shelf will go:
Right over the doorway leading into the kitchen. It's a tall wall and is very plain right now but not for long. I changed the wreath to a plain grapevine that I had sitting in storage. I would like some berry or green leaf, but not big hurry to get that. When I find the right thing (without spending a fortune) I'll grab it.

I've been able to get some yard work done in between the downpours. I've been splitting mums and the mini day lillies. Next week we're having someone come and aerate and de-thatch the lawn. It really needs some help. Then to seed and patch the bare spots. I'm thinking some green spray paint over the entire lawn might be easier! :)

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