Friday, April 3, 2009

Peacocks and Patterns

Last week I started on a punch needle peacock. but haven't touch it this week. The peacock theme started with a cross stitch, then I found a beautiful shade of turquoise Valdani that was perfect for a peacock punch needle. I remembered that Primitive Betty's had a peacock drawing, so I drew that up on weaver's cloth and started punching. .

This morning, I started drawing some patterns for snowmen punch needle. I've had enough winter and snow until next year, so don't ask why I'm drawing snowmen! :) I"ll add these to the pile of ideas I have to make. I can't scan them in, as we don't have a scanner or color printer. We really need to get one (plus a new computer). That will have to wait, as my money will be going to the dentist. A week after having an onlay done, another tooth chipped off, and it's sharp. Guess I'm heading to get another onlay or crown.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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