Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helpful storage hint

I checked a punch needle book out from the library, and came across this helpful hint. To help keep track of your needle threader, take a piece of magnetic adhesive strip, and adhere it to the top of your storage box. I've heard others say to use a magnet, but having it attached to the top of the box keeps it from getting lost. I've also started putting and extra sewing needle there.

I started working on a bird and pear punch needle project. The background will be a light blue. I'm going to experiment and try using some Distress It (if I can get to the local stitchery store) since I"m using DMC floss for this one.

Saturday was a gorgeous day! Of course James had his ideas. It's fishing time again. We went to the local pond, but didn't catch anything. He likes to catch and release. Here's a picture he made by using Tux Paint, a computer program.

Today was raining all day, so no spreading mulch. Rachel wanted to see the new Hannah Montana movie, so I took her for an afternoon show after church. I might get some crafting done tonight, as there's no Cubs game. They are in first place, and hopefully will stay there until October!

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