Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrift finds!

After cleaning this morning, I went to a few thrift shops to browse. I went to one I hadn't been to and saw a shelf. I didn't buy it, but am thinking about it for the living room, above the doorway leading into the kitchen. It would be great painted and sanded. I then went to my favorite resale/antique shop and found this grater. I want to use it for a punch needle project. I need to find one that's vertical and size it for the grater.

I then went to another junky resale store and found these wood bowls. They have a nice bottom edge, and will be perfect for painting. The bowls are small, maybe about 6 inches across.

I also found this hideous cow board for 25 cents. No, the cow won't be staying, but will be sanded, stained, painted, and used to display a punch needle. I just loved the worn edges and the cracks in the wood.

I purchased some Distress It this week - the normal strength. It also comes in light and extreme. I thought I would start in the middle and see what happens. I tried it on the bird punch.
I even used it on the peacock, but just a hint of Distress It.
I finished punching my first 6 strand project (I have only done 3 strand or Valandi). I had originally wanted to do a darker background, but had a ton of light blue DMC floss ( from a REALLY old cross stitch kit years ago). I used it and was happy with the result.

Tomorrow is going to be 80 degrees!! I wish I could play hooky from working at school at lunch, as this will be the first really warm day of the year. But I'll keep the job, as they are hard to find.

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