Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Ebay listings

I finally finished a few items to list onto Ebay tonight. A couple prim stitchery candle mats and a punch needle pinkeep. I started the new penny rug kit I ordered. I still need to get some photos - maybe later in the week

I went back to the one resale store and bought a long shelf for the living room. It has lots of pegs underneath the
shelf to hang baskets, etc. I'll paint it black, and then start making some goodies for the shelf and pegs.

This week should be much less hectic, as the jr high spring musical is finished. Russ and I went to see it last evening. Matt was on tech crew and Rachel on production crew. Afterwards we went (ok, invaded) with many other people to the local Dairy Queen.

I'm hoping to get some yard work done this week. The rain stopped me yesterday, and today. I want to transplant some ground cover to another area, add a few bushes and perennials to the front yard. Seems like everything I plant in the front dies. Now that the one tree is gone from the front, the area will get more sun to help the plants grow.

Have a great week!

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