Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Ebay listings!

I finally finished bunch of projects and just listed them tonight on Ebay. Now to wait for the pattern I ordered from Primitive Under the Light of the Moon. I ordered a punch needle bunny and carrot bowl filler set. Now that I officially have a Cameo Ultrapunch Needle, I'm all set to go. I was using a cheaper brand, and having a hard time adjusting the length of the loops. I sat at experimented last night with the new needle. I have to say I really like it! I could almost have a couple of them threaded with different colors. It would make some projects quicker, as I wouldn't have to stop and re-thread with another color. I've found Weeks Dye Works floss, too. I love the slight variations in shading. It gives depth to the finished product. Now to try some Valdani thread.....

It was a busy weekend around here. I took James for a movie night at school on Friday. The gym floor sure gets hard after sitting there for a couple hours watching Madagascar 2. Last night Rachel and Matt went with a birthday party to Medieval Times. They hadn't been there before, and really enjoyed the show. Today was a Cub Scout bowling event at Brunswick XL. Although the place is nice and new, it's a little too loud for me. Even after we requested the music be turned down, we still left with our ears ringing. You couldn't even hear the pins crashing!

Tomorrow it's back to school.

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