Sunday, March 15, 2009

More punched bunnies!

Once I finished the last set of bunnies, I still have lots of thread leftover. So, I drew up a bunny, and started on this last night. The punching goes quickly, it's the edge finishing that takes a while. I still need to punch a border for this one, but am undecided on which color.

Today was warm - I think it reached in the 60's. It's SO nice to be able to go to Sam's Club without battling snow. I took James to the library this afternoon. It was their grand re-opening open house. The remodeling was completed in January, but are just having the open house now. We picked up some refreshments and entered a drawing.

Tomorrow it's back to school and work. On top of working at school, I have a big phone project to be done this week. Guess the yard clean up will have to wait!

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