Friday, August 5, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

This week was my "vacation" week. I didn't have to work at school, as summer school is over. My husband and one teen are in OH for a shooting match/school. So, that leaves me at home with 3 kids. (only 3 kids, yep, that's a vacation!) On Wednesday, we went to Great America. The place was packed, and the lines too long. But, it was only in the 80's and not in the 90's so the temps were good and had to use some free tickets from reading.

Today we went to the Brookfield Zoo. I was fearing it was going to be too crowded, but to my surprise, it wasn't. Got 2 free tickets from a museum pass at the library, and headed on our way. James really liked the snow leopard who was sleeping.

The lions put on a show later in the afternoon.

Matt (who didn't want his photo taken) got another mold-a-rama.

Matt, James and Rachel looking at the mokeys in the rainforest.

James really wanted to go to Stingray Bay. It was feeding time, so we bought a small container of fish and tried to feed the stingrays. We didn't have any luck with them eating our fish, but the stingrays did come close enough to touch. Gotta love this photo!

Tomorrow the guys will be home, so that will mean laundry. After all the walking at the zoo and Great America, I plan to keep my feet up and relax. I planned out my next hooked rug, but need to experiment with a piece of grey wool first.

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