Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bird Rug

I started hooking my new rug today! I took some of the wools last night to a local quilt shop. I met the rug hooking teacher, who brought her cutter. The shop now has their own cutter, too. So, I was able to try a Bliss cutter. I liked it, but it seemed to move around on the table a lot. I guess you need a really smooth surface for the suction cups to stick. I'm now debating which cutter to buy: Bliss or Rigby.

This is how my mottled wool cut and hooked up. It's still very much black, but has lots of shades of grey in it. It's just the look that I was hoping for! (I did try to "marry" the black and grey wool, but it wasn't black enough. So, I went for the dyes). I'm now debating what color to do the wing. I had a small section of a black and tan plaid, but it just didn't seem to blend well. Maybe a solid black? Or outline the wing with black or grey and then fill it with the same mottled wool. The curvy inside piece will be a barn red and black plaid. Maybe I'll hook that section next and see how it looks before choosing the wing color.

I had started another punch needle project ~ a graphic from Bird in the Hand Primitives.

Only 2 weeks until school begins. Wish the summer was a bit longer, especially now that the weather is perfect here in Chicagoland! But, we went back to school shopping with my mom. I picked up school supplies for my youngest. My high schoolers don't know what they need until they get lists from their teachers. Hopefully I'll still be able to find all their supplies and that the stores aren't too picked over.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

Your bird is coming out nicely. I have such problems color planning. Now, I just hook "something" and change it if I don't like it.

I have Bliss and it does like to slide across any surface. Sometimes I wet the rubber suction cups and that helps. Or try to press down with my hand while cutting. I long for a great cutter!

adailydoseoffiber said...

Ha! While I was teaching last night I KNEW you were hooking! Good start; love that black. I agree with Courtney; I hook and "unhook: as someone calls pulling out. With rug hooking I just can't tell what it will look like till I pull the loops. Have fun!

Gayle said...

Great job on your bird rug!