Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mottled Wool

Look what I did! Plain black wool is, well... boring. After browsing some mottled wool online, I decided to attempt some myself. I'm not a dyer (yet), but am adventurous in trying new things. So, I took a piece of medium grey wool, rolled it up length-wise. Twisted it, and then tied it with yarn. I put it in a pot with some brown dye, but not enough to cover it. When it was done, I took it out and unrolled it to check the results. It gave just few brown splotches to add some interest in the background. I then re-rolled, twisted and tied it, and put it in a pot of black dye. I liked it, but wanted a little more black. So, I did the process again with the black dye. And this is what I got! I'm hoping this hooks up nicely in a rug. It has enough color variations to add some interest. I could see doing this mottled black with a tan background, too. Maybe add some dark green for a vintage look.

I just started another punch needle project~ a snowman. Something cool after hot, mosquito filled days.

~*~ Laura ~*~


Courtney said...

That wool came out great. I like the mottling process. I wonder if you had scrunched three different wools up...a grey, a tan, and a brown in a bit of black what would you get? The mad scientist in me comes out when dyeing wool!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! I am sure that it will be beautiful hooked!

Gayle said...

Great results! It will look great and add some real interest when you get it hooked up!