Saturday, July 30, 2011

A new member of the family

Welcome to the newest member of our family! It's a ornate box turtle. He doesn't have a name ~ yet. The kids are still working on naming him. We do know it's a "he", but don't know the age of him. We adopted him from someone who was re-homing him.

He came with just a really small rubbermaid contatiner. So, a trip was in order to the store to get him a better habitat. We got him a large 1/2 log to hide underneath, a small feeding dish, a large water soaking dish, a turtle bone, and mulch. We did get a larger rubbermaid type container, but found it wasn't deep enough. This smart box turtle was able to climb on top of the log, and then reach the top of the container. So, I switched it for another container that I had in the garage. I really think he could use an even larger one, but didn't see one at the store. Maybe I'll try Home Depot to see what they have. But at least he now has a nice, safe home. The previous owner didn't have mulch, so he couldn't burrow. Late tonight he was happily under the log digging down into the mulch. We still will have to investigate a light for it when it gets cooler. We'll try the sun as long as it's warm outside.

I haven't started any new craft projects yet. Now that summer school (I was working as an aide for 5 weeks this summer) is done, I have to tackle some household projects. I cleaned out the family room and James's bedroom. I still have his dressers and desk to do, but at least I found the floor on his side of the bedroom. =)

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love turtles. I had one as a pet for my Second Graders for years - a little painter that grew very large. A friend gave us an old tank they had for an iguana, so we could have deep water in it for him. It was neat to watch him sink to the bottom and walk around. We also bought goldfish for him to chase and eat as he grew....