Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thrift store finds

I quickly ran into a local thrift store on Friday, and found a couple items. The first thing I managed to find was a mini grapevine wreath ~ perfect for the pegs under the new shelf in the dining room. It was a *whopping* 19 cents! I couldn't pass that one up. The other item I found was a basket. It was heavy, and nicely stained, though it was VERY dusty. I came home, scrubbed it under the kitchen sink, and it came out great. It wasn't sitting really flat, so while it was drying, I put a heavy dictionary on top so that it would dry flat. Not bad for 50 cents! Now to find a home for it. I use baskets to display bowl fillers, as well as use the baskets to hold papers and clutter. So, for a total of 69 cents, I have 2 new goodies.

Matt came home with these dirty clothes today. He spent the night in Eagle Cave last night for Boy Scouts. He had a great time of climbing around and exploring the small nooks of the cave.

These are his shoes that he came home with. Time to put those in the washing machine ~ with LOTS of Oxy Clean to get the dirt out.

There's no school this week, due to parent teacher conferences. The kids are looking forward to sleeping in. I'm planning on doing some cleaning. I still haven't done ANY Christmas shopping. I guess I'll have to think about that this week. The weather has been so warm, it's hard to think about Christmas. But, the forecast is predicting some snow flurries for Thanksgiving, so that might get me into the mood. :)

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