Thursday, November 12, 2009

More stitching finishes

I just finished more candle mats. Last week I sent 8 to a shop in Florida. This week, I stitched another 6 (2 of each of the above patterns ~ adorable patterns by Rhonda at Primitive Stitches). I used a mini cranberry & cream homespun for the backing, and really liked the way they turned out. Now I need to iron them, and see if they are all going to FL, or if any will be on Ebay. I do have one extra gingerbread mat that I will put on my selling blog as soon as I take some photos (or if anyone is interested, let me know). I've also started some snowman stitchery ornies/mini pillows. I have the stitching done, and just need to sew them into a pillow. I think I want to do it by hand, so that they stitches will show on the outside ~ I''m thinking of mini x's all around. That's my project for tonight.

This weekend, James had a scout outing to the zoo. Looks like the fountain/pool that is behind them is closed for the winter. It sure was a great weekend outside ~ warm & sunny - and this is in November!

The school that I work during the lunch hour at is most likely being closed at the end of this year. So, I'll be looking for another job. Maybe something with more hours and better pay, but with some flexibility in hours. Yep, I'm looking for the ideal job that doesn't exist! :) But, I know something is out there and I just have to wait and find out what.

I'm off to make some bread for Russ' annual turkey lunch at work tomorrow. He signed me up for a couple loaves of homemade bread. Time to get out the bread machine to make the dough, then bake it in a regular oven. Should I make cinnamon raisin or onion cheese bread?? Hmmm.. both sound good, so maybe both!

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