Sunday, November 15, 2009

A few finishes

I finally got a few Ebay listings tonight. I put a 3 candle mats up for bid: a gingerbread, and two snowmen. I finished this cute little snowman ornie. I used some mini stitcher patterns from Primitive Stitches, and made them into a mini pillow. The backing in the same cranberry and ecru homespun as the hanger. I ended up blanket stitching around the edges, as I liked the way it looked. It was too plain without it. It's very lightly aged in my mixture of coffee and vanilla. I'm want to make a set of bowl fillers for Ebay with these. I might have to make few for myself, too!

I finally got around to finishing one set of snowmen bowl fillers. I had cut and sewn the edges a couple motnhs ago, and they just sat on the table downstairs. The weather has been so warm, who's thinking about snow? :) I'm not going to complain about the above average temps after last winter! These snowmen are made with a pure white Warm N Natural, then aged. The photos don't show the color well at all. They are really nice in person, and I like the effect of the pure white cotton batting.

James had the opportunity to join the Boy Scout campout this weekend. He wasn't sure he wanted to stay overnight. So, he went for the afternoon. He was having so much fun, that he wanted to camp there last night. So, Russ and James stayed there last night.

I took Rachel winter coat shopping yesterday afternoon. We found one that she like, and that fit. We still haven't been hit with the really cold weather, but it will come - and she'll be ready. Now that she's not in girl sizes, it's more difficult to find great deals. We did find one coat that we both loved -it was only $299 - and that was discounted! Um, I think we took a pass on that one. :)

It's back to school tomorrow, and the big board of ed meeting at night. Will they close the school I work at? Or, will they pick an different one? Then it's the huge list of budget cuts that's proposed. For now, I'll just deal with making it until next week, when there's no school!!

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